10 years since Georgia-Russia war. Is the story over or new invasion expected?

ძალა ერთობაშია-Strength in Unity 2018-08-22 01:04:51 ნახვები 653

By the 10th anniversary of 2008 war international media and many of experts finally admitted that if Europe and USA took August five day war more seriously and made some steps to stop and to punish Russia, nor Crimea annexation neither Eastern Ukraine war may be possible.

And the fact that the war here is not over - with all of occupation line dwellers kidnapping, killings and robberies by Russian soldiers, is much clearer now to many.

But the situation between Russia and the state of Georgia, which implements much more loyal foreign policy towards Russia since pro-Russian political party came to power in 2012, appeared to be not so easy.

Year ago, July 2017 group of civil activists lead by David Katsarava, sportsman and movie actor, who never before had been involved in any political activity, established civil movement Power in Unity and started monitoring of occupation lines on daily basis. Without any donor or state support based only on crowdfunding of supporters about 50 people rotate on field mission every single day since July 24, 2017.

The group realized that it will not be able to influence Russian army movement or Georgian government policy, but they aimed to keep occupation topic on top of media and public interest, to make more citizens aware of that never-ending danger.
Power in Unity and David Katsarava in person made Archil Tatunashvili (detained and brutally killed by Russians February 23, 2018) case known to public and international society.

August 14, Power in Unity announced that Truso and Darialy gorges, popular touristic destinations near to Russian border, may be new Russian occupation target in nearest future.

Last month as best example of propaganda Russian media published interviews with Ossetian scientists claiming Truso and Darialy as territories populated by Ossetians “for ages”, formulating messages of “need to turn historical land back to Ossetia” etc.

Now many tourists visit these areas during the summer, but from the end of October until May there is almost no inhabitants. The ultimate settlement is three hours walking distance from the actual border line. Last year Georgian government withdrawn police unit from the gorge and settled it in Kazbegi town, leaving gorge uncontrolled by any state institution.

Today Power in Unity team was on its reconnaissance trip to Truso area, on the back they were told by tourists that Ossetian flag had been installed and mined in the gorge. The team went to the location where found police limitation lines, no flag but its flagpole. In spite of police attempt not to allow shooting, one of the team the journalist Lasha Berulava made photos of the place. This is a clear sign of soft-power preparation for larger steps from occupier country.

In 2014 such precedent already happened in Tusheti near village Diklo when Georgian border-guards tries to back to their observational positions after snow melted discovered Russian soldiers at their places. Control over this space is not returned till now.

Now while Europe has admitted danger of Russian political interference is real even in strongest EU countries, when 2 years after USA presidential elections majority of international media still discusses Russian influence on its results, such signs of next aggression should be taken by civilized Europe more seriously. Before NATO and EU will be faced a choice to make a decision on military participation, sanctions and propaganda tools must be used.

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